Flavors severely lacking

I was excited to have alternative quick meals to take to work. So far, the mac and cheese tastes and smells like playdough and the sweet and sour has no flavor at all, even after adding salt and pepper. Really disappointed. Not sure what to do with all the leftover servings…

Well, flavors and taste, to each their own. But I would say that a good thorough shake of the bag before scooping is really important to get the full H&S experience. It may be difficult to really mix it up when the bag is first open, but try to create a little air pocket so the contents have room to mix. Hope this helps.

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Ah Sammi, so sorry to hear this. Really surprised because Mac & Cheeze has been pretty popular, but as @redjack says we’re all a little different. Are there other Huel’s you have? For example the Spicy Indian Curry or the Mexican Chili go SO well in the Mac & Cheeze, which might make it more to your liking. Perhaps some hot sauce in your Sweet & Sour or some herbs might help you out until your next order (where you can get a different flavour you prefer).

Just some ideas and hope they help! Let us know what you end up trying!

I threw the sweet and sour in the garbage. I haven’t opened the mexican chili yet…i’m still nauseated from the sweet and sour experience. was really looking forward to this option, because I work 12 hour shifts and cooking is not my favorite thing at all…