Chocolate huel powder vs chocolate flavor boost?

I’ve been on the Huel train for about a year now, and thinking of branching out flavor-wise (I’ve mostly stuck with vanilla).

I see that there’s both chocolate Huel powder and chocolate flavor boost, the latter of which I assume is intended to be mixed with vanilla or UU Huel powder (mixing chocolate Huel with chocolate flavor boost introduces a level of recursion I’m not comfortable with :thinking::upside_down_face:)…

Anyway, my question is: what’s the difference taste-wise between the two? Would you recommend one over the other?

The chocolate flavor boost is sweeter–the chocolate powder is a bit more rich flavored. Perhaps the FB is bit more “candy” vibe whereas the chocolate powder is more brownie. So really, just depends on what you are looking for!


The old chocolate flavor booster was just unsweetened cocoa powder. So when I combined that with my vanilla Huel I used a very generous amount and it was quite good. Chocolate and vanilla mix together well.

But now I think the latest version of the chocolate Huel additive has artificial sweeteners in it.

Intuitively, I would think the chocolate additive might have the advantage of letting the user titrate the taste whereas with chocolate Huel powder the chocolate taste is pre formed.

All that aside, I really like Huel chocolate powder mixed in oat milk and a scoop of greens powder. It’s one of the tastiest Huel blends I do. I will be ordering the full chocolate Huel in my next order.

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Thank you both for the information!