Where to get a scoop?

I have always received a scoop with my new orders and this time I did not. I have already checked inside all of the bags and I do not see purchasing a scoop as an option in the store. Where can I obtain one?

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When I ordered the powder I had the chance to manually add/remove a scoop to my order! But it was also my first time order so I’m not sure if it changes after your first time.

I believe scoops are an option, not the standard.

For me I asked for 2, but they gave me 3. I assume in default they will always give you at least one? I assume that is the case. Every order should automatically have a scoop added though in my opinion.

Your first order comes with a scoop. They don’t normally include scoops with every order because it’s wasteful… reuse scoops instead of tossing them out.

Go into an existing order, and near the bottom of the list of items, there’s a black “Add To Order” button where you can choose additional products, including the scoop. You even get one free one per order, I think.

You can only get a scoop with your first order only. This is in hopes to reduce waste on plastic, however, if you wish to receive more, you can always email us and we will be happy to make adjustments for you. We still do recommend reusing your scoop if you have any old ones!