Scoops not included on my very first order

I have just received my first order and I thought they are sending the scoops along with the items? Would love to get it as to know exactly how much I put on the shaker.

Please drop our team an email at so we can get those scoops to you! What product did you order from us if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi Maksim,

Thanks For your email. I bought the 2x chocolate fudge brownie protein powder and I got the complimentary t-shirt and the shaker. Signed up for the subscription.

I will email the support team right away.


Hey there,
So great news! The Chocolate fudge protein and all of our Complete Protein come with the scoops in the tub already! If you sift through the tub, you will find the scoop in there!
Let me know if you are still having trouble as I would love to help you out :sparkling_heart: