No scoop in bags

No new scoops are in my second delivery. I accidentally threw my previous one away when I threw my empty one out. Was I supposed to save it?

Does anyone know the size of the scoop? I received my initial bags and neither had a scoop in it. I was using a protein scoop that I had from other products but wasnt sure if that was the right size.

Heyo! I’ll send some scoops–don’t throw these away! :wink:

The standard serving calls for two scoops which is around 100g of powder. If you have a standard measuring cup–100g of around a heaping 3/4 cup. I’ll send some scoops to you!

I got only one scoop. I wish there is another one so that I can enjoy two flavors at the same time without mixing them up.

If customer service is reading this: no need to ship scoop right away, just put one in my next order.