Missing the scoop

Jus got my first order and there was no scoop. Is this an error or you guys don’t include a scoop?

Hi Eddie. Contact one of the Huel employees you see on this board and they will send you a scoop.

I made the same assumption in my first order. Unless you request a free scoop add on, it is not included. Huel cuts down on the amount of plastic wasted by doing it this way. I use other supplements and getting a scoop in every shipment is just wasteful.

@EddieG I am sorry that you did not receive your Starter Kit. We do supply this to our customers on their first order but it is an option that you add to your order at checkout. Let me know the t-shirt size you would like and I’ll send this right out to you.

Customer service should get back to you. That should have been an error and they will probably send you a scoop, but until you get one, you can just use a quarter cup as your scoop.

Hi! Don’t need a shirt nor do I want one.
I ain’t your spokesperson. Just want my scoop and the bottles I ordered. Very simple

Seriously… great way to start a relationship with a new customer

i don’t work here but, it seems they misread but will definitely get you what you need today based on what i’ve seen on this board. it is not common for things to be forgotten in shipment. i have ordered nearly a hundred items at this point with no issues, so it is not something you are likely to deal with again should you choose to stick around. the forum is full of anecdotal incidents of missing items, but that is more to do with the fact that there have been millions of customers, and accidents are prone to happen. not many sales websites have forums anymore, in fact the only other one i can think of is soylent.

Sending you a scoop now, Eddie.

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Hey there! I got my scoop, but didn’t get my shakers that I bought. Yet, the tracking says it was delivered…

I’d hate to think you messed up twice in a week, but by now my expectations are just shimmering down and down.

Order placed on Mar 04 06:39PM

**Order # 325935

This order was delivered Order : #327531

But this one was not - Order : #325935

The tracking says they were delivered 30 mins apart.

This is getting ridiculous!

Hi Eddie! I’m so sorry you didn’t receive that order of shakers you purchased! I’m seeing that your FedEx tracking number claims to have delivered your package yesterday as well. I would be happy to create a replacement order for you. If you need anything else, please let us know!

I am just trying to figure out where the 2nd order is at? The package was delivered 28 minutes apart, so not sure how one box was delivered, when it says 2 were. Is there a way to check with fed ex? I called them and they sent me back to you. Not sure why so many issues with a simple order.

So far this experience has been absolute shit!
Can’t say i can refer anyone, nor am I happy with all the delays.

Of course I want my order, i paid for it. No need to credit me or give me free shit. Just get me what I paid for and let that be the end of it

I understand your frustration here, Eddie, but I can assure you we did not request FedEx to have that second shipment returned to sender. Unfortunately, FedEx can experience hiccups in their delivery process that is out of our control! So I truly apologize for that. I am not sure why they wouldn’t have delivered your second order being that your first one arrived fine. I have already created a replacement order to be sent to you so you can receive those shakers you purchased as soon as possible! Hopefully this one arrives to you quickly, and with no further issues. I apologize again for any inconveniences here, Eddie! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to reach back out.