Where’s my Huel?

Ordered July 3rd (#137691). Supposed to arrive July 7th, but didn’t. Emailed Huel support July 8th. Still haven’t heard anything. Maybe I’m just a spoiled Prime member, but I’m not impressed with the customer service. And no phone number I can call??? Seriously??? Makes me want to cancel my order.

Same!! They did not seem receptive to a refund. A phone number would be great instead of sitting in the email queue

Hi @Stephen_Moore

I would like to apologize for the delays you have experienced.

A combination of the July 4th holiday and upgrades at the fulfillment center this past week has caused some orders to be delayed.

We are working closely with our fulfillment partners to all affected orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Thank you for patience and understanding.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Can you give me an estimated time you’re going ship my package?

If I make another order should I expect delays too ?

Any order you place on Friday may not be worked on till Monday. Their fulfillment team is closed on weekends. I’ve noticed that orders placed on Friday are essentially the same as placing the order early next Monday.

Usual pattern is:

  1. Place order on day 1. Call that D.
  2. within 24 hours I get confirmation that order is ready for shipment. A FedEx label is generated. But it’s not actually shipped yet. So this could happen D+1
  3. It then takes another 24 to 48 hours to actually put stuff in the box and deliver to FedEx facility. D+2 to D+3 range.
  4. FedEx takes about 3 days to delivery. D5 to D6 range.

Ordering on Monday usually has the stuff delivered by Saturday. Occasionally by Friday. Ordering on Friday usually means the process starts next Monday and you’ll get it by the next Friday. Ordering on Thursday is also a gamble.

The above formula assumes no delays. Delays will add more days. My advice is to order 14 to 16 days ahead of anticipated running out to be safe.

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