FedEx Delivery Problems / Support hasn't reached back in over 4 hours

I ordered my Huel last Friday and was promptly told it would be arriving Sunday. Well, go figure it was delayed on Sunday. Then Monday, today, FedEx delays it again, stating that Huel has required I sign for the package and I was not home. So I now I have to take off work tomorrow just to get my Huel I purchased. I would rather not do this, so I called FedEx to see if I could pick it up from FedEx. They said no, Huel had requirements that it had to be delivered to that address and I would need to contact them to change anything. So, I sent in an email to Huel support, opened a ticket with their ZenDesk system. Almost 5 hours later, nothing. So that’s my day. Can someone here help me get my Huel before the end of day tomorrow, preferably in a manner that would not require me to miss work?

Hey @spreadneck! I hope you haven’t skipped work😁 I would be more than happy to get this sorted for you. I apologize for the signature requirement, truthfully that is at the discretion of the FedEx driver as we don’t require a signature. Now that I’m looking at your FedEx tracking number it appears your order was successfully delivered today!

I’ll get you an email response over now so please let me know if you’re still experiencing any issues!

Have a phenomenal rest of your Tuesday❤