FedEx Delays Lately?

So, the expected delivery for my package was 2 days ago.

It was on the truck, and today is the 2nd day that fedex has failed to deliver my package with it on the truck scheduled for delivery.

Huel isn’t at fault here, they quickly shipped the package out - it seems FedEx is not reliable anymore to make their dates.

I was just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with FedEx.

I mean I can be reasonable with 1 day, but it seems like you would prioritize the late deliveries over the ones for that day … But I don’t work in shipping.

It is just frustrating getting hyped for the delivery - for FedEx to say it is potentially delayed.

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Fedex has had my delivery circling my address for over a week. Something’s wrong with them.

That is certainly does not sound right & we will be happy to look further into your order to see why it keeps circling around. One of our CX team members will be in touch with you right away to sort this out :+1:t3:

Huel is using smartpost which is cheaper. Fedex hands the package over to USPS when it gets close to the destination. It takes a full day to transfer and one or two more for USPS to make the delivery. So it’s adding up to 3 days past what Fedex posts as your delivery date.

@Chall I will dropping a message to you as well to assist you with your order and check upon the choice of carrier to deliver your order. :blush:

FYI, the seasonal slowdown has begun and there is nothing that the staff of Huel or any one can do. My production printer that prints my event props has given me a heads up that the package delays are growing for all the major logistic companies, FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Many people know that most of these companies are short staffed and some have management/operating issues – this is not controlled by Huel.

The reality we all need to order earlier than normal because chances for the next two months, ALL packages that are not “next day” will delayed. It’s not like they have their own courier network. Huel staff are shipping our packages in a timely-fashion – that is all we can ask for. Once they turn it over to a carrier it is out their hand.

If the problem is system-wide with all the mail carriers, how can one can place any fault on Huel? My answer is I can’t.

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I’ve noticed major shipping delays for other industries as well. Took my car to the Honda dealership yesterday for service … They had maybe 10 Hondas on the lot for sale. Down from their usual 200. I asked if they still sell new cars and the guy laughed and said “yeah, when we can actually get them in.”

The plague has started a chain reaction leading to a world wide slowdown. As they said in Full Metal Jacket, “It’s a huge [turd] sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite.”

We’ll all have to order much further in advance than usual. Because going to a competitor product may not get any faster shipping anyway. Either that or we’ll all have to go back to cooking or fast food.