Delayed order, no customer service or response to web form - RESOLVED


I placed my order (#175098) on 08/26/18 and my card was debited at 3.38am.

According to your FAQ’s, orders placed before 12pm will be dispatched the same day.

It’s now 2 days later and no change!! I have a huel shortage (no pun intended) and need my order ASAP!!

Also, does anyone actually respond to inquiries from your web form???

Can someone provide an update please??


CC: @Tim_Huel …ANYONE!!

I don’t work for Huel. But I’ve ordered from them several times.

8/26 was a Sunday. They are closed on weekends. So the distribution team didn’t see your actual order till Monday. Incidentally, I ordered some Huel on Monday the 27th. The package was received this morning by the Texas FedEx facility and is now on it’s way. that’s a typical turnaround time from Huel.

If you check your original email sent, it should contain a link for FedEx tracking. I bet you’ll see that it has shipped today.

When ordering from the Huel site, orders on Friday or weekend won’t really get processed until Monday. Then, it takes another 24 to 36 hours for the package to get to the sending FedEx facility. I guess they batch all their orders like that since they do free shipping. It might be inefficient to have multiple daily trips to their local FedEx facility.

I order my next Huel shipment when I am about 2 weeks away from running out. That way it gives me time to email them if there was a mixup. But I think in your situation, it should be on it’s way by now. The updates from FedEx are sometimes delayed by a half day. But as I said, check your email link.

Hi, I appreciate your response and this is my second order. I’ve not received a dispatch email with a tracking link as yet. I was already aware of the weekend timing but as per their own delivery FAQ’s, orders place before 12pm midday are dispatched same day. So any order on the weekend should be sent out on Monday. I’m unsure if I will be ordering direct from them again. I just hope they lower their Amazon pricing to roughly match their direct pricing and offer quantity discounts. I’d much prefer to order from Amazon and know that I’ll get it within a reasonable time frame.

There should be a " Great news, your order is being processed!" titled email in your inbox (maybe the Spam folder).

Nope… nothing… nada. Just an order confirmation email… status is still “unfulfilled” in my online account.

Hi @djsimonc

I’m happy we were able to connect and resolve your order issue.

I would like to apologize for the longer than expected processing time. It appears there was a glitch causing your subscription not to update properly leading to a delay with your order. I was able to immediately fix this on our backend and your order in the system.

I can understand how inconvenient it can be not get what promised. This issue will serve as a lesson on how we can improve our system in the future so that we can reduce lag time between responses and resolution.

You can reach me directly here or with any questions.

Hi @Sothan_Huel

Thanks for reaching out to me directly to resolve the issue. I am delighted with the product and have been preaching the word to friends and colleagues (I provided 1 referral already); as you can see I’ve increased my order from 2 bags monthly to 4 bags every 3 weeks. I really hope that you guys get the teething problems sorted out regarding order processing.

As per our discussion, could you guys review your Amazon pricing, stock availability and volume discounts whilst this is being fixed?

Thanks again for taking care of my issue to my satisfaction.

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We’re always looking for ways to improve and will certainly take that into consideration. :relaxed: Thanks so much for spreading the word about Huel! Be sure to reap the rewards with our refer-a-friend program if you aren’t already!