How do I get customer service help?

I ordered my first batch on Tuesday and had it shipped to my office. Fedex said it would be here Thursday, but when Fedex delivered on Thursday they didn’t delivery my package. Fedex then said it would be delivered on Friday, again Fedex guy showed up but didn’t deliver my package.

I’ve reached out to Fedex and they haven’t been any help they won’t admit that they lost it, and won’t return my phone calls now. I emailed Huel on Friday after Fedex didn’t deliver the 2nd time and got a automated email back saying they were busy and wouldn’t respond for awhile and if I needed immediate help I needed to use the sites chat feature, well that seems to be turned off so no help there.

On the Huel site it says to contact Huel within 7 days of ordering it if you think it was lost for them to do anything about it. Well I’ve contacted Huel within 7 days of ordering it (I’m on day 7 now) and still no response.

I’m getting more than a little frustrated to the point that if I ever do get it I’m just going to return it.

We apologize about the delay on getting back to you via email and to hear that you are experiencing issues with getting your package delivered to you. I will shoot you a PM shortly to get this resolved.

Thank you for the reply I saw the refund go through this morning.

Great to hear that! If you ever need help with anything else feel free to reach out to us! :slight_smile: