Where is my order?!

Is there anyone on Huel staff that reads this board? I received a shipping notification 7 days ago, but the tracking number (FedEx) has stated “Pending” for the past 7 days. I have sent ~5 messages to customer service inquiring on my order and have been completely ignored. My order number is 803048.

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I sent them a message on Facebook, they normally respond pretty quick there - gave them the link to this forum message.

I’m on the same boat. Ordered June 1st and got tracking details. Called FedEx And they have not received the package yet. Got a response from Micka at Huel saying that FedEx has shipping delays. Package says it’s coming from Mira Loma which is 30min from where I live.

Hey there! We understand that there may be some orders as pending but it seems that it should be already updated. I have personally send you a message with your tracking information on your order.

I ordered June 7th and never got tracking or an order number yet my account was charged. i would like to speak with a member of management or an agent that has the ability to resolve this. I would like either the shaker cups i ordered or my $25.00 back.

Hi! Apologies on getting to you sooner but I do see that one of our customer experience team members has emailed you back!