Shipped, but no tracking number?

So I’ve read a lot about people having shipping issues. I know with Covid everything is delayed, so it’s okay. But just curious about the process? It says on my account that my shipment is “on the way” and in smaller print it says “information sent to fedex”. But I never received a shipment email, or a tracking number. So is it shipped at this point or not?


I’m in the same boat. My order has been ‘Pending’ for almost a week and the person I contacted at support blamed a ‘miscommunication’ for the reason it has not shipped yet and offered no further help or information and finally stopped replying when I asked to have my ticket transferred to someone else who might be able to actually give me information. At this point I’m just trying to contact support to be refunded and cancel my subscription as I have reached my limit with the poor customer service I have recieved from Huel with what should be a relatively minor, if not routine, shipping issue. I wish you luck on your attempt to get this resolved!

I actually recieved a Tracking number for my order too. It’s just been showing that it was loaded onto a trailer and is ‘awaiting pickup’.

Hi! We are truly sorry about the mishap on the tracking status on these orders and I have personally messaged you to get this sorted out.

Hi Domenique.

On Monday you told me you would be putting me in contact with a supervisor and that still has not happened. I’ve since cancelled my subscription and asked for a refund for the missing items in my reply to you this morning after over 24 hours of being ignored. When can I expect my refund to be processed?

Hey thanks for getting in touch. Order is #831965

Hi! I have personally emailed you and messaged you back about your orders and inquiries about talking to our supervisor. Please check your inbox for an email from me!

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