Where is my food?

My Huel order processed 1/4/19 and my payment cleared 1/5/19. On 1/8/19 I received an email saying that there was an issue with flavorings and they couldn’t ship. I went in and updated the flavors I wanted on that date. On 1/10 I got an email restating the same problem. I emailed back with the flavors I wanted and notified them that I had updated my settings on the site. However, here I sit on 1/14 with no response, no food, and no way to get someone on the phone. Any suggestions on how to either get my order or get my money back?

When you receive an email regarding a flavor not selected, respond back to the email with the updated flavors rather than going into your subscription. More than likely, the order itself didn’t have the flavor selected–not your subscription. I see your reply now–I’ll get your order pushed out with the correct flavors.