Didn t get an email before order placed

I didn’t get an email about the order bein placed and I don’t need a new delivery but it been placed.
I got an email it been dispatched leaving me no time to update it or change it.
I’m kind of tired of chocolate and vanilla and want try some new and huel don’t offer anything new for subscribed costumers from a customer care perspective. is it I or the flavors get less and less the more you use huel also?
No lie I liked it at first but I m having hard time keep taking it,
anyway order it been dispatched and instead of feeling excted for the new pack i m like UGH why can t you let me fix it before dispatching
i will def need a return label for this orderf once it arrive

Hey @Sa3d11! I’m sorry you’re not feeling your Chocolate and Vanilla flavors anymore. I would be happy to help you edit your subscription via email so that it’s coming when and with what you truly want. Also, once that order is delivered I would be more than happy to get you that return label!

Happy New Year and have a wonderful rest of your week​:grin::tada:

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