When will unflavored be back in stock? The mandatory sucralose in other flavors tastes like vomit

I always buy the unsweetened and unflavored huel powder, not only does it taste the best, but it doesn’t have sucralose in it which is super bad for the brain. I’ve had to order the other flavors before, which literally all have sucralose in them, and it was terrible. As soon as I was able to get more unflavored I immediately threw away the nasty sucralose bags. I don’t know how anyone can eat that crap, it literally just tastes like sucralose, I can’t even taste anything else. It’s like eating diet soda in powder form, it’s so nasty.

Anyway, does anyone have any idea how long it will be until the unflavored and unsweetened is back? When it comes back, I’m just going to buy like 10 bags this time so I don’t have to deal with the risk of getting the other nasty sucralose vomit flavors like this again.

Also can you guys please for the love of god make one other flavor that doesn’t have sucralose in it. It’s actually so infuriating to me that literally every single flavor has sucralose in it except for unflavored. You guys must really think your huel powder tastes like dog poop if you insist on putting copious amounts of sucralose in it. Am I the only person that actually likes the taste of huel powder?

Just found out black edition flavors (unflavored also out of stock for it :rage:) doesn’t have sucralose, thank god there’s something. They still have coconut sugar and maltodextrin which are bad for my health conditions I have, but at least it’s edible. I don’t understand how anyone can do sucralose, it tastes so bad. My parents drank diet mountain dew for 40 years (high in sucralose) and it did so much damage to their brains, I’m so thankful it tastes bad to me so I don’t end up doing the same stupid thing as them.