Unflavored or original RTD?

I see Huel support actually responds to some threads here… something that soylent support doesn’t do.
Anyways ive been drinking soylent RTD for over a year. Usually 5 bottles a day and occasionally and 2-3 days a week eat unhealthy whatever food. I just don’t care for food that much.

Soylent vanilla, cocoa, stawberry i really dislike. Soylent original i love and a flavor i can drink all day long. Ive read reviews about huel probably being a healthier option… and ive also heard how much people love it since its much sweeter. Im totally the opposite… that’s the reason i like soylent original, its just slightly mild sweet. Tastes like someone put cheerios in milk, let them soak and then removed the cheerios.

Sooo yeah has the company thought about making an “original” RTD? or a totally unflavored RTD like the powder you offer that’s supposed to taste earthy? I imagine option 2 would be the cheapest to make and possibly able to sell at a cheaper price like soylent does with their original.

Would the company at least allow a special 20 case order of unflavored? Or is that order too small for a batch size

Hey Daniel, great name!

Vanilla would be our closest current option to Soylent original. We offer an unflavored and unsweetened Powder but an RTD version could be pretty cool.

Couple of stumbling blocks for it though is based on the taste would people want to add things to the RTD? If so they’re not going to be able to like the Powder so we need to make sure that such a flavor is enjoyed by most people as is.

What about a “vanilla lite” with very very little sweeteners… and call it original

For being a vegan company… you got to have at least one unsweet bottled version.

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Yeah that’s a cool idea!

I’m not sure what an unsweetened bottle has to with veganism though. Could you please elaborate?

I feel like going vegan only eating fruits is my comparison of only having sweet RTD products.
Huel can still be good without being extra sweet, Just like some vegetables.

… im just lazy, don’t like the idea of shaking powder and dont mind paying extra for RTD

Thanks for the feedback! That makes sense, we can certainly look at unflavoured or more savory options.

I would also very much like an unflavored, unsweetened RTD. I know several people who do not like artificial flavors/sweeteners, and would definitely prefer this variety. Currently, I buy unflavored, unsweetened and don’t mix anything in.

If you are worried about people buying it and not liking it (and getting turned off Huel entirely), maybe make the packaging very distinctive?

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