Recent Update - Seriously, why?

So I just got the update e-mail saying that they’ll be making Huel black edition even sweeter. My question is why? Huel BE is already plenty sweet enough, and I used to get the regular version until they made that so sweet it was completely inedible. I know some people would enjoy drinking what tastes like pure cake batter and calling it a meal, but I just can’t stand that level of sweet. I’ll probably just get the U/U version to splice it with when they go full candy on the BE as well, but my question is, why are they obsessed with going sweeter?

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I tend to agree, but I’m open to seeing how it turns out. Maybe decrease my next order slightly until I try it.

I didn’t see that update. What a shame. That is my number one reason for preferring it. I was tired of blending UU with the White flavors. Now I’ll have to do it again. Rats.

Hi Robin! I hope I can provide a bit more information regarding the sweetness.

With regard to the change in sweetness to Vanilla and Chocolate Huel Black Edition, we are using a different version of stevia. Some find they do not enjoy the aftertaste of stevia and this change will also help to decrease that aftertaste.

Additionally, if you find that it is too sweet, ordering one one bag of Vanilla and/or Chocolate and one bag of Unsweetened and Unflavored to use one scoop of each flavor is definitely an option. With this, you can adjust the sweetness a bit more to your preferences.

I hope this is helpful and I will be sure to pass on your feedback to our team, as well. Please know that we value all feedback to help us make positive changes to our products going forward and we do hope you enjoy these changes, as well. If you give it a try, please let us know how it goes!