Looking for the Flavor Boost Taster pack

I just got my first order of Huel Black Unflavored & Unsweetened and I’m looking to try some flavors. I’ve been scanning the Flavor Boost Taster Pack page and it’s been “Out of Stock” for quite a while.

Is there any estimate on when this taster pack will be available?

Hey @padillah,
We are hoping that it will be back in stock towards the end of this month so watch this space :two_hearts:

Well, I was looking forward to trying something different than Soylent. Especially with all the flavors and less carbs of the Black Edition.
Unfortunately, I don’t have $40 a piece to try the flavors one at a time.

When you guys get your supply line logistics figured out I might try again but for now I’m headed back.
Thanks anyway,