Variable flavor in Unflavored/Unsweetened

Does anybody else notice a huge variability in flavor between different batches of Unflavored/Unsweetened? The first bags I got with my subscription tasted quite good, similar to plain oatmeal, but twice now I’ve gotten batches that taste very bitter and are borderline undrinkable. They don’t taste oaty and have a terrible ‘cheap protein shake’ sort of flavor.

It’s super disappointing to open up a new bag and find that it’s a “bad batch.” Is a particular ingredient with multiple sources to blame?

I hate wasting food, which is part of the reason I like Huel so much, but when I keep getting these bitter bags it makes me want to throw them in the trash and reconsider my subscription.

I’ve been drinking Huel for over 4 years, with the occasional break. My experience has been perfectly consistent. No strange bags.


I wonder how much impact the environment during shopping had on what leaves the warehouse perfectly consistent.

If you live close enough to the source that transit time is minimal or your weather is good (not too hot?) then your bag(s) are fine.

I tend to order well ahead of need, so would have no recollection of the weather in the week of delivery by the time I open a particular shipment.

It might be helpful to track it to see if there is a correlation with any future “off” bag.

Just dropped you a message to get more information on the bitter bags and get that resolved ASAP!

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