Awful Taste, Unflavored batch?

I’ve been using Huel since May of 2018 and I love it. I have a 6 bag a month subscription and I go for the Vanilla flavor.

Every bag of vanilla I have received has been on point until now. The current bag I’m on just tastes awful. I’ve forced myself to have two meals and I’ve thrown away three other meals because I just could not stand the taste.

Could it be a bad batch? Or, could I have been sent the unflavored batch by accident? I don’t believe there is a way to tell by the packaging whether a bag is flavored or unflavored.

Trying to figure out what my options are and how to deal with this.


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The bag should be labeled either vanilla or unflavored on the back. It may also help to provide the batch number on the bag in case there are any other complaints from the same batch.

Thanks for the advice. I will check the bag later tonight for the batch number.

Hey @wizardelite! Please feel free to shoot us over the batch number for us to take a look at this. Once you do that, I’ll be happy to ship you out replacement bags of Huel as we want it to taste right for you!


Is the LOT number you are asking for?

The LOT number is #94353. I have six bags with this number.

I opened up a second #94353 bag and confirmed it tasted just a bad and they are all Vanilla flavor. I did not open the four other bags.

I also opened up another order 94318. Immediately when you open the bag I could smell the Vanilla Flavor. Plus I tested it out and it tastes great.

With the #94353 bag I can’t smell the Vanilla flavor at all. I’m still curious whether #94353 is a bad batch? Or, if your unflavored recipe was packaged in a Vanilla bag.

Please let me know the best course of action. I hate to see 6 bags of Huel go to waste.


Yep, that’s it! Thanks for sending that over. We’ve logged the number on the bags. I am having 6 new bags of vanilla Huel shipped your way. You should receive it within a few days! We’re so sorry about this.


THANK YOU so much for your prompt attention to this matter.


Hi @Alex_Huel ! I also have 2 bags from this lot number that taste unflavored

Thanks for letting us know @Carly_Michelle. I’ll go ahead and have 2 new bags shipped your way. Hopefully these work better! :slight_smile: You can expect to receive these in 3-5 business days.

Hi just opened my newest shipment and noticed it didn’t have the same smell. Found this post and verified I also have 2 bags from this lot #94353. Any way I can get an updated batch sent out? Let me know if you need any other info to confirm.


Hi Justin! I went ahead and shipped you 2 new bags for your convenience. Please allow 3-5 business days for them to arrive. I hope you enjoy them! :grin:

I have four bags from the same lot, and still haven’t heard anything back from customer support, order 242392. I’d love a response, somewhere… @Alex_Huel @Christian_Huel

I too had this experience when I opened a new bag today. The flavor is very bland and it is not mixing well. My batch number for the three bags I bought is not the same though, its 94614

Hey Hillel–we responded to your email on 1/14. Not to worry–I just processed a new order for you.

We have changed the vanilla flavor profile, Stevie. It’s not nearly as sweet as the previous versions of vanilla. Do you taste hints of vanilla or does it just taste unflavored?