When doing extreme exercise

I’m 58 weigh 200 lbs and just completed a bike ride from Innsbruck in Austria to Cannes in the South of France.The ride was a tough 800 miles and 60K of climbing and Huel played a big part in helping me complete the ride .I had a shake at the end of the ride for recovery and another during the day while riding becaue it was hard to get enough food into me given the massive amount of calories I was burning through.The only time i didnt follow this regime was on the last night because the following day was only 40 flat miles and I do that before work some mornings so I thought i was good. That was the day I almost got into the van because I could not get enough nutrition into me and felt
so depleted I became convinced I was coming down with a stomach flu.I am convinced that huel was the difference between finishing the ride and not.


I got tired just reading this Rick. Congrats on smashing your bike ride!

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