Cool Huel Story

Hi friends,

Huel is still brand new to me and I’m still discovering all the ways it’s enhancing my life.

I went mountain biking yesterday, I had my Huel about 8am and rode all day long with and felt amazing. I never felt hungry or fatigued and I could absolutely feel a difference in my performance and endurance. It was the end of the riding day before I felt a hint of hunger. Before Huel, nutrition and riding was a constant battle because I can’t ride well if I ate pre-ride but I lacked energy and stamina. This problem is now completely solved.

Huel is truly transforming my life for the better. So excited!!

PS. I made sure to represent Huel on my ride!


Debra, this is amazing to hear! Also, what a great photo (and love that you are rocking the Huel t-shirt, as well)! :sunglasses:

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Amazing story, thank you for sharing!