New Hueler but I’ve been lurking for a couple months

I guess I’ll start with an introduction. 48 year old male. 5’4 250lbs. Was at 313lbs. Former Marine so I got pretty disgusted with myself. Lost a lot of weight but have plateaued. My primary problem is counting calories and business travel. I travel every week. I’m on the road. I’ve tried all the apps to count. Stopping at mcdonalds on short notice when you’re running late is too easy. I needed something easier. Huel is easier.

Going to two meals a day of Huel was a real challenge at first. I started to really want to chew something. My one meal of actual food became a pleasure. After about a week of two meals a day I started to crave Huel. I felt less bloated and I felt cleaner when I used it. I’m moving tentatively into replacing all meals with Huel today. I don’t have a timeframe or a big plan to do this for this many days. I just want to get healthier and this feels like the least complicated way to get my nutrition under control. I’ll do it for a while then start adding some smart meals back in.

Feeling less bloated and cleaner is a great feeling. Craving that feeling feels good. I’m not having any of the gas pains anyone else is talking about. My emissions are pretty foul however. I know I Can have coffee but I’ve found I need it less. Some days I’ve forgotten to have any.

Hoping to get down to an even lighter weight so working out doesn’t hurt so much. Moving all that weight on my 5’ 4 frame hurts and makes me prone to injury. I joined a gym and tore my rotator cuff the first month. Tried jumping rope. That was embarrassing. Had jiggly bits flying every which way. I’m just at walking now to get the body moving so the sooner I can move down in weight the better.

I’ve lurked on here for a couple months as I’ve begun this process. I wanted to thank all of you for sharing your experiences, recipes and thoughts as you have travelled this road. I hope to do the same.



It sounds like you are on a great path - nice work!

I can very much relate to your story, especially the travelling for work bit. Huel was nothing short of life-changing when it comes to the 3-4 days weekly that I’m on the road. Always keep a couple clean shakers and a jug of water in the car to avoid getting to that rundown / hangry / low energy point.

Thanks for sharing your story, please continue to update us as you go full-Hueler!

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That’s fantastic Tim! If you ever need anything, there are lots of helpful people on this forum.

What’s your favorite thing to add to Huel? Mine is definitely peanut butter.

Hi Deron,

 To be honest I’ve not added anything yet.  I’m looking forward to trying cinnamon in the vanilla and pb2 in the chocolate.

Thx Dan! I appreciate the reply!