100% for (2.5) months now

Hey guys, wanted to give my perspective on this stuff. For starters I’m a 27 y.o male who’s active. I exercise every day to some degree and do intense workouts about 3 times a week. I started going 100% huel over two months ago and I can honestly say the results have been fantastic. I started out slightly overweight at about 6’ and 190 lbs, I am now at 180, and haven’t lost any strength in my workouts but my endurance has increased. I was initially eating 2000 calories because I wanted to get down to 180, now that I’m here I’m bumping up calories to 2500 and will see what happens. I love how precisely I can control the caloric intake. My energy level is consistent throughout the day, and generally I feel great. I’ve gotten into discussions with some people about the nutrition of powdered vs whole food, lately I’ve been on the side that I get all the nutrition I need from this just based on my results alone.


Very cool. Do you mix any extra stuff in with it, or just Huel and water?

My GF’s mom is visiting for a few weeks and when the two of them get together, they can cook a feast for kings. So I cannot imagine going 100% Huel. Huel at work is my routine.

I do 3 ice cubes, 1 tsp of cinnamon and use cold water (I keep a 2 gallon jug in the refrigerator filled with water). I have found social aspects of food to be the biggest challenge. I typically have my huel before or after meeting with friends at food places and don’t draw attention to it. But not overpaying paying for unhealthy food at restaurants is a plus. As for family dinners, not sure, haven’t had to cross that bridge yet.

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Thanks for sharing, @Jrk90! We love hearing Huel testimonies. :slight_smile: Keep us updated on your Huel journey!

2.5 month update- I’ve leveled out my weight at 180 lbs, just where I want it, and am maintaining with 2600 calories of huel per day. I do 4 servings of 650 calories each. My workouts have been great, and am in the best shape I’ve been in in years. The only negative side effect is the gas. It’s not as frequent as when I first started, but it’s still there occasionally.