What should I expect as far as taste

Can’t wait for my first 2 bags to show up, as far as taste what should I expect?

Did you get vanilla or unsweetened/unflavored?

I went with vinalla and a chocolate flavor pack.

I got my vanilla flavor today and mixed some up right away. Im struggling with eating food right now so I’m living off minimal food and Aloha protein shakes. Anyway now that my Huel is here I hope to be feeling better. Anyway. I found it to be actually delicious. I had told myself good or gross I’m having it. Anyway I was so happy
To find that it’s good. I won’t have any problem drinking this often. I’m having at least 2 times a day it may be 3 if I can’t convince myself to eat. Since being sick with my latest relapse of Epstein Barr just can’t eat.

So, how would you describe the taste?

The first few shakes, you’ll taste various elements because it’s something new to your palate. You can sense a bit of the raw rice powder, lentils[??](I can’t remember which grains are in it). The vanilla has sucralose and is quite sweet in my opinion. Expect a creamy vanilla flavor, with some undertones of oats and cereal-type stuff. Texture wise, the graininess isn’t easy to get used to. You can always thin it out with some more liquid (water, coffee, fruit juice). I would be careful with the flavor packs, just because the vanilla is sweeter than you’d expect as-is.


To me it tastes like oatmeal. It’s not sweet. Oh you know it reminds me of overnight oats. That’s it.


Definitely agree with you teame122, it’s just like porridge for me in a way.

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For the vanilla flavored. I think it taste like buckwheat pancake batter, it is about as thick too. I use lots of water with mine.


I found it tastes a lot like cereal when nothing is added to the Vanilla, I honestly can’t do the unflavored as is. I almost always add fruit to mine, even if just half a banana (use the other half in your next Huel ;). While it is tasty enough without fruit I find it more enjoyable if seasonal fruit is added. Also if you add high calorie fruit, like a banana, I would suggest slightly reducing your Huel serving.

I have the vanilla flavor and I think it is great. I don’t mind the texture but I could see where people may not like it. I think I’ll try the trick of leaving it in the fridge before drinking.