What is the actual difference in new Vanilla?

As far as I know, I have not yet tried the New Vanilla/v1.1/US (as opposed to the Original/v1.1/US) Huel flavor. I doubt I will notice a difference, because I’m not a particularly picky person (although I don’t like Berry/v1.1/US…)

But my question isn’t about the flavor.

What is actually the difference in make-up between the two Huel compositions? Is there more sucralose? Less of something else? What are the chemical/physical changes that arose in the taste change?

Looking at: https://huel.com/pages/the-huel-powder-formula-explained and the ingredients for the two compositions, the only difference I could find was:
Vanilla v1.1 - Natural Vanilla Flavor
Original v1.1 - Natural and Artificial Flavors
All the rest of the ingredients are the same, and all are in the same order (which I think means the same order of relative amounts by volume).

Does anyone have some answers? Is this something a Huel employee could speak to? I’m mostly just curious… The answer won’t change my buying pattern, lol

There’s no difference in nutritional composition. The switch is from a mix of flavours to all-natural flavours.