How does the flavor/taste of current Huel compare to 1.0 vanilla?

I am mostly interested in how the overall sweetness compares, and how the intensity of the actual vanilla flavor compares. Or any other details about the flavor/texture that are worth mentioning.

Also wondering how the current “original” flavor compares.


I came in at the last month of V1.1 and really enjoyed the oaty taste and texture of each flavor. Then V3.0 jumped me by surprise and tasted more like a shake from McDonald’s…i was sad at first but it blended better and the overall taste/texture wasn’t affected by any of the additives i became accustomed to using.
All in all i prefer V1.1 for flavor/texture.
V3.0 blends better (less clump).

Good to know, thank you! I actually ended up deciding to just order a bag of V3.0, so I’ll have to see if I have a similar opinion! I just tried the new peanut butter flavor and was quite pleased, so I’m hoping that the vanilla is decent as well.

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Update: Just tried vanilla V3.0. It’s much more vanilla-y and much sweeter than V1.0, more so than I thought it would be actually. I think it will take some getting used to, but overall, I approve! I’m glad that I ordered a bag of the original flavor to try also though, because I have a feeling that I might not always be in the mood for such a vanilla-forward Huel.