What does Original flavor taste like?

Is it sweetened? How does it compare to vanilla?

Hi Suzanne! Both Original and Vanilla Huel v3.0 powder are sweetened with sucralose. Original has a subtle sweetness when compared to Vanilla v3.0 powder which tastes sweeter. There is almost a hint of vanilla in Original Huel v3.0 powder; however, the overall taste is definitely more oat whereas Vanilla Huel v3.0 powder is much more vanilla in taste than oat. I hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:

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Original flavor is disgusting. I tried it alone, with pumpkin spice flavor booster, and peanut butter flavor booster. It tastes like you are eating paper. I did not want to, but I threw my bag away after about 5 shakes. I will never buy it again. I’m from the USA. I have a feeling Original flavor may be more popular in Europe where they eat porridge. The flavor is the blandest of the bland. So unless you like bland food, I would not recommend it.

I started with an order of the vanilla and U/U. The vanilla was just a little sweeter than I would’ve liked and the U/U was a bit too bland on its own for me. On my second order I got the vanilla and original flavors to compare. I think original is pretty perfect and just the right amount of sweetness. It will be the flavor I continue to order in the future as long as they offer it. I am also from the US if that helps.