Difference between Original and U/U

Does anyone know what the differences are (in terms of flavor)? I see that Original is now available in 3.0. I usually get U/U, but I’ll admit, I am curious about Original.

What does U/U mean? I’m new here…

UU is unflavoured / unsweetened. Original is sweetened, but the flavor is more or less neutral, not vanilla.


The original v1 Huel was a vanilla flavor as well. I forget the version numbers but one of the subsequent versions changed the vanilla flavor that was in the original and, as is happening with 3.0, quite a few people did not like the change. Original vanilla had been my favorite so far with chocolate 3.0 now being second. I’m not very fond of the current vanilla flavor.

To me, the original had more of a natural, subtle vanilla flavor as opposed to the current vanilla which I think tastes a lot more artificial.


This is good to know! Thank you!
The site’s description was surprisingly not all that helpful

Ive was drinking Huel when they first started selling it…after they upgraded the recipe, I didn’t like the taste and stopped my subscription. Fast forward to two months ago…I decided to try it again as its hard for us to easily get proper nutrition at breakfast…but to be honest - the vanilla flavor is nothing like the first vanilla flavor and I’m not a fan of this new 3.0. Not sure if I will retain my subscription…trust me the original flavor was 10x better.

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Does the Original flavor have sucralose in it, or is it just the U/U and the Black editions that are free of it?

Yes the original flavour has sucralose. U/U v3.0 and both Black Edition flavors are sucralose free.