3.0 Vanilla vs. 1.1 Original Vanilla

As someone who cancelled my subscription after Original Vanilla was replaced with the ‘new’ Vanilla that has been described here as resembling ‘cake batter’ flavor, I decided to try 3.0 Vanilla; the flavor profile of 3.0 vanilla sounds quite different than ‘new’ Vanilla given comments on the forum.

With Vanilla 3.0, I’m back on the Huel bandwagon: although I don’t find 3.0 to taste like vanilla much, it seems to have a nice slightly cherry taste. (It clumps a little, but nothing too severe. I only use the shaker Huel provides to mix it.)

Thank you Huel for taking a step back to a more palatable sweetened version!

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I personally feel that the new version is not good. I can’t stand it. It’s clumpy and has a horrid aftertaste. I want the last version of Huel back. I mean - why not at least give those of us who like the last version the option. You’d keep more subscribers that way.


I imagine it’s due to production space. They probably don’t have a separate production line to dedicate to the old formula, and changing the line over from one formula to the other is too expensive to do on a regular basis.

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