What is in your supplement regime?

So Huel is a great product I’ve integrated into my diet , as long as I can.

This supplement really helped my metabolism and opened my eyes to healthier alternatives .

I was wondering if there are any other health supplements you take to aid in your nutrition?

Just asking for suggestions,

I just recently began taking Creatine H-Cl and have seen amazing results , although if you are strict on your weight I would look into creatine specifically. I am no expert on creatine but it helps deliver water to your muscles, and it gives a noticeable difference to me , at least.

What about different protein supplements ? I have always gone for cheap whey, but don’t know much of the differences in protein types, specifically available in supplements (plant based proteins / whey / isolate) … as a Hueligan your perspective is taken a bit different, so tell me why you choose that protein supplement ?

I also make sure to get more than enough aminos, super excited to eventually try the protein/amino huel blend , it is pricier than just a protein supplement, but combining my aminos + protein in one (along with all the other essential stuff) may make it worth it .

I take a 50 billion probiotic (for immune health)
Vitamin C 1000mg (immune health)
Vitamin D3 4000iu (bone health)
Fiber (digestive)
Magnesium complex (muscle health)
and Zinc (immune health).

I typically take a 30 billion CPU probiotic, but with the current climate I’m up to 50. (I am also just recently stopping smoking… I don’t know much about probiotics to be recommending them, but I do take them daily OTC, so it should be relatively safe) .

Creatine gave me a big enough boost to ask about and see if there are any other supplements that act in the body like creatine that I have been missing out on. It seems like a very healthy supplement that would really help a lot of the people I know, at least. I know a lot of manual laborers who would get a miracle out of it .