Additional vitamins or supplements?


I see that Huel is pretty complete when it comes to vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients. I was wondering if anyone out there takes any additional vitamins or supplements in addition to Huel . If so, what are you taking and what’s your reasoning for taking it? Are you 100% Huel or only using it for a few meal replacements and still eating regular food?

TIA for your input!


I use a turmeric supplement because it’s reportedly effective anti inflammatory (also fairly inexpensive). I use a supplemental glucosamine&chondroitin for joint health (can be pricey). I use a decent ginko because the sample size of one (me) has concluded that it improves focus/concentration ( and I believe its vasodilatory effect has similar benefit to low dose aspirin without the bleeding risks - but I’m not a doctor, I’m speaking only from experience/observation) I also take 2000 iu of vitamin D3 because it’s also an inexpensive solution to minor depression caused [presumably] by deficiency. I also take a magnesium supplement when I feel stress-induced muscle tension but have experienced both high and low magnesium so I try to be more discerning.

I’ve tried resveratrol and nicotine ribosomide and such, but I didn’t notice any effect to justify their excessive costs.

I’m happy to have Huel remain cost conscious per meal so I can choose to spend on my specific additional needs rather than having Huel attempt to be all solutions for all conditions


I take Ritual (for women) It gives me the essentials. It has iron, magnesium, folate, omega3, boron, vitamins k2, d3, b12, and e. It dosen’t have all the vitamins I already get from everyday foods and Huel. Overdosing on vitamins is not helpful, just gives you expensive urine. Your body gets rid of the extra. I use Huel for two meals but plan on going in full Huel mode in the winter. I eat fruit everyday, and salads when going out to eat with friends and family.


I train for athletic events like OCR races so I am in the gym daily. I’m currently using Huel to replace 2 meals and am having post workout whey and two “regular” meals. In two weeks I will be upping my Huel intake to 3 meals and if that goes well I may try 4. My usual daily meal routine follows this pattern:

0730 Post workout shake of 60 grams whey protein and 5 grams creatine.
0830 Breakfast (egg whites and veggies)
1100 Huel
1430 Snack of 30 grams whey
1530 Huel
1900 Dinner (turkey, chicken or fish and veggies)


Vitamin D3… it is interesting that the UK blend contains this but ours does not. Perhaps because its so cloudy over there? More likely something business related and complicated. I think I might add this to my regimen. Thank you, sir.


I take a fish oil supplement because I am not vegan, and I want a higher ratio of omega-3 in my diet from a more absorbable, animal based source. I am also thinking of adding a greens powder that I found where they measured the phytonutrient content. The powder is called Orac energy greens. This supplement with last me a long time because one scoop is has the phytonutrients of 24 servings of fruits and vegetables and I don’t need that much. I may just have a quarter of a scoop per day. The powder also has probiotics.