Huel lover needs Supplement advice

Been taking Huel since October of last year and Huel has made things pretty easy and convenient when really needed. I recently had a bit of a scare with a tumor I had removed that had grown on my salivary gland. Turned out to be a cavernous Hemangioma (malformation of blood vessels), so ultimately after removal there should be no concern of growing back and now I’m all good. I can get back to some fitness goals I had put on hold which includes various supplement I have been wanting to incorporate to my regimen. I have decided to not to multivitamin since that is what I’ve always done and now taking a different approach…

I would really appreciate feedback and experiences with any of the supplements discussed. I have had steadily worsening environmental allergies and thru testing found to be very allergic to Shrimp, Lobster, and Crab, as well as DUST MITES. I have been on Singulair (montelukast) and flonase for a few months with some success and relief.

I am ultimately looking to begin taking all these;

-Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic Formula
-Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes
-Nutrex Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica
-Nutrex BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin!

I appreciate any feedback…lets discuss!


Honestly, only the first two listed probably have any evidence of efficacy.

Certainly there is some benefits for some people who take probiotics. It’s certainly worth a try and Huel itself has no probiotic, so go ahead.

The essential enzyme products have plant-based proteases, lipases, and various enzymes to break down carbs, fiber, and lactose. Yeah, they do work. I have that specific product you listed. But I’d only advise you taking this if you’re having digestive issues (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or other effects after drinking Huel). The downside of the essential enzyme is that it will break down the starches and even some of the fiber in the oats. This can increase the glycemic index of the food you eat. Part of why Huel has a Gi less than 30 is that oats have slow digesting carbs and there is a lot of fiber in Huel. Fiber can act as a physical barrier to slow how long it takes for our digestive enzymes to convert the starches into glucose. I occasionally use one of these enzyme supplements when I eat dinner at a restaurant and will be having a big meal. (I have also tried one of these enzyme supplements before drinking my Huel and it does seem to cut down on the gas. But, I’ve also reduced my scoops per dose, which also helps and now I’m doing that instead of taking the supplement.)

The last two supplements you listed are overpriced placebos, in my opinion. Just my opinion.

Humans used to be healthier and leaner many decades ago long before these supplements were available. We used to be healthy because we didn’t have a lot of high glycemic index foods and we didn’t do a lot of snacking between meals. We had lower levels of insulin and were, thus, leaner and healthier. Intermittent Fasting will do way more for your health than any supplement, and it’s free. Bunch of free info available on it as well.

I only have personal experience with Spirulina. I took two bottles worth, taking them daily before workout. I did not notice a significant change in my body that I could attribute to the addition of this supplement. After the removal of it from my regiment I did not notice a change either. I hope you find what works for you though! Good luck!