Taking Supplements While on Huel

Are any of you also taking supplements while taking huel? I’ve been taking the same cocktail for years and didn’t feel a need to change that… Just wondering what you guys are taking and why.

The RTD took much longer than expected but it was honestly worth the wait. It replaced my breakfast and lunch and I don’t even feel the need to snack between meals!

I will, some day, add more protein to my Huel, as I work out more and more… But for now just Huel powder for me. Good to hear about the RTD

Check out some of the blogs by vegan body builders. In general, from the research I’ve been doing, we don’t need as much protein as we’ve been consuming as average Americans (not directed at you, just a general statement).

Many healthy vegans are active and are only getting like 10 to 15% of daily calories from protein. Fat is also not a big percentage. And it seems to be pretty healthy for them. Huel already has a pretty decent amount of protein in it. You may not need to fortify your Huel with additional protein powder, even if you’re strength training. Again, I’m not the expert, just been reading a lot about this kind of stuff recently. Check the info from guys who are weight lifting and eating a plant based diet to see how much protein they’re using.

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Thanks for the tips!

True, there is a strong guy on YouTube (SimnettNutrition) who says he gets between 70-100 grams per day of protein, and he is doing just fine…
I was given some protein powder from someone at work for a Christmas gift exchange, so I thought I’d use that at least.