Can I make Huel and take to work for later?

I recently started using Huel. My question is can I make Huel to last me thru the day and then take it with me to work and drink later? Or is it recommended to drink right after/soon after mixing? I can take the mixer bottle to work and mix as I go, but I prefer to blend in Vitamix with fruits or other goodies.

Hey @Dom, absolutely you can but you will need to keep it cold/refrigerated. I always mix mine in the morning and take to work in a lunch bag with an ice pack. Then put in the fridge at work.

This is exactly what I do. Mix it up in the morning (I use a blender), put it in a little lunch cooler bag I have and leave it in my work’s fridge until lunch time. If you don’t have a fridge at work you can probably leave it in your cooler but you’ll want to make sure your cooler keeps plenty cold. Anyway, if you refrigerate it for a bit it thickens and sweetens, which is what I prefer. If you like it thinner you can just add some more water to it at lunch time.

Great, thank you. I’m trying it today for the first time. I made enough to take to work, where I do have a small fridge to keep it in until lunchtime.

@Dom I have been doing this every day at work the last 3 months. I blend it the night before, for convenience purposes. I put it in a Takeya Actives bottle (although any insulated bottle should work). Place in the fridge overnight. Then the next day before I leave for work I shake it up, toss into an insulated lunch bag, and toss in a reusable cold pack. It stays good the whole shift.

Thanks, Deron, appreciate the feedback.


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FWIW sometimes when I’m running late I skip the cafeteria (where the refrigerators are) and just stick my shaker of Huel on a corner of my desk. It sits there for 4-5 hours and is perfectly fine when I drink it. I wouldn’t let it sit out over night, but a few hours doesn’t seem to hurt.

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