Overnight Huel is revolting

I know many people like overnight Huel, and I admit I enjoy Huel most when it’s cold. Unfortunately for me, the consistency after 8-12 hours is somewhere between wallpaper paste and industrial sludge. It makes drinking an unpleasant chore. I’ve tried putting in extra liquid (like 600ml of liquid per 80g of Huel) but it just hydrates and becomes a thick porridge. I find that I enjoy Huel most when it’s runny and thin.

To be sure, if I’m just mixing in a shaker, it’s no big deal because I can do that right before drinking. However, for blender preparations, I like the idea of doing it the night before so I don’t have to clean up a blender in the morning when pressed for time.

Has anyone else faced this and come up with any solutions? Could I cut down on the liquid the night before and add liquid just before drinking? Or perhaps blend all the blender-ingredients to make a flavored slurry, and add additional liquid + Huel right before drinking?

As much as I love the stuff I refuse to make it over night. I like the idea of using maybe half the liquid the night before and adding to it. Could stick both the half made Huel in the fridge as well as the rest of the liquid.

I never thought too hard on it since I take it for lunch.:thinking:

I don’t care for it sitting overnight either. For me is just refrigerated water, 3 scoops in the shaker, shake it up and drink. Personally, I like the taste so I don’t do anything else to it.

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I have not tested the exact conditions you describe; however, every time I end up with “too thick” Huel, water before immediate consumption makes it thinner. The texture of “grit” will still be different than a fresh mix though.

Yes sometimes I’ll use the blender and make enough for my wife and I the night before so it’s ready to drink for breakfast. I’ve noticed when I pull it out of the fridge it’s quite a bit thicker than when I made it that night. I always just add some liquid to thin it out. I love the taste of it with almond milk or even soy milk. They have a flavor called very vanilla. It’s amazing. My first order they didn’t offer the flavor adders it was just vanilla and plain. I ordered 3 bags ( 1 vanilla and 2 plain) I was afraid I’d get tired of the vanilla if I got all of them that flavor. Just adding the vanilla milk with the unflavored huel is great. I just texted ordered more and going to try some flavor adders. If you think sitting in the fridge overnight makes it thick try leaving it in a warm car for a few hours. It swelled up and got thick like a cake lol


Not to be that guy, but I do want to clarify for anyone who is new to Huel and reading this that truly, everyone tends to Huel their own way and everyone has unique preferences. The way I like my Huel versus my husband versus my coworkers are all different. Personally, I love overnight Huel and am not a fun of the thinner consistency. Basically, just don’t be afraid to experiment and “mix things up” (pun very much intended) to find the Huel that works for you. Thick, thin, overnight, or right away, it’s all good (well, maybe not the warm car version) as long as you’re happy with it. Happy Hueling, everyone!


If I place my Huel in the refrigerator, anything more than three or four hours is too long for me. You’re correct that it congeals into a sludge. I don’t know if it’s the temperature or the fact that that something in Huel swells over time, causing it to thicken.

Throw some ice in there and let the cube mesh keep the cubes out of the way. A blender is nice, but it’s not really needed (I’ve found). Keep it thin and cold - the way you like it.

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Wow, I must be weird because i don’t mind it at all overnight. That’s the only way I drink it, as i make my shakes the night before. I use 2 scoops of vanilla 1 scoop of unflavored, some frozen berries, 1 banana, some powdered peanut butter, and mix it with almond milk.



It thickens at room temperature as well, though I am less experienced with refrigerating Huel to know exactly how that behaves.

I suspect the flax is at least partially responsible. If you take whole flax seeds and add hot water (room temperature probably works too, but would take longer), you will find the mixture thickens and becomes kind-of sticky and slimy. That sounds more gross than it actually is, and Huel does not take on the same texture, but it does thicken in the same conditions.

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Yea, me too I initially liked it better overnight. Now I have converted to a make it in the morning and go kinda guy. Either way is fine for me though. Yep add ice shake that sh*t and go!

Yeah, the first time I tried Huel I mixed it up and left it in the refrigerator overnight and had to gag it down. Since then I’ve started mixing it in a blender in the morning and leaving it in the fridge at work until lunch, and I’ve gotten used to the texture (basically a thinner sludge). It’s not something I look forward to, but it’s not something I mind either.

I’ve tried the ‘overnight oats’ version & only enjoy it when it’s thick enough with a variety of flavors that it justifies me getting through it. Have yet to try the hot ‘oatmeal’, but generally I just shake it up in the morning with some spices & chia seeds.

I believe that it thickens up because of the oats. When I bake with it, I rehydrate it with water in the fridge first so that my cookies or muffins will not become dry. I like mine thick, but sometimes it did become too thick and I tried adding liquid to thin it out, and it didn’t work that well. It didn’t get thinner, but the texture and flavor wasn’t right because while it is sitting there, it is getting flavor into all of the other liquid and then you were adding unflavored liquid to it. What I would suggest is to try adding more liquid ahead of time, like even more than 6 ounces. I had it twice as much liquid as you have been using like maybe do 40 ounces of water or a standard serving of 100 cal. You also have to keep in mind that the ratio if they give you is for adding water to the shaker. If you add water to the shaker until it reaches the 18 ounce Mark, you are actually adding more than 18 ounces of water because there is a short time, if you pour the water slowly you will see it, that you’re adding water, but it isn’t getting closer to the next outs because the powder is absorbing it. I could not figure out at first. I would add 18 ounces of water, which was what I should add it based on the ratio of the powder, and I would shake it and it would get too thick. However, with the larger serving, I was doing water, powder, water. I forgot to account for the fact that you add water and it absorbs it, so now I add around 22 ounces of water and I shake it with the powder, but because the powder has absorbed some of it, when it is done shaking, it is at the 18 ounce mark again. I am not sure if that makes sense. So I would definitely tell you to add a lot more because the oats will absorb it and expand. Once you finally find the right amount of water that is working for you, week, freeze it, and then when it thaws out, it will be at the consistency that it was if you put it in the fridge overnight.It freezes really well. The only thing is that it does take some time to talk, so you need to give it time. In the fridge, mine takes two days to thaw, and at room temperature, it probably takes five or six hours. So you could just put your thing on the counter the night before and it can be thawing while you are asleep. Just don’t thaw in the fridge unless you have a lot of time. You can also get it to thaw in like 30 minutes or so if you put the shaker in your sink and put hot water over it, but that is really annoying. But I would say you need to actually add more water than you are adding. You need to add around three extra ounces of water to cover for the fact that you aren’t using the shaker, and to cover for the fact that you are pouring into the shaker while the ounces aren’t going up. Then, you need to multiply that number by 1.5 or two. You really need to add a lot of extra water because you are fighting an uphill battle. You want it to be as thin as water, but the oats actually expand. I actually like mine as thick as drinkable yogurt or thicker. Also, don’t add anything to it like fruit and things because that will thicken it up and you said you don’t want that.