What flavor to get when adding stuff to it?

what flavor of huel black edition should I be getting if im planning to add powdered fruit to it? I heard that vanilla is pretty neutral but am looking also into the unflavored one also. Im currently wary on getting vanilla because im worried that it’ll overpower the fruit flavor completely like the other huel black flavors im currently using. does anyone have any experiences on this?

I usually mix half unsweetened with whatever flavor I have. I love the vanilla, but the “cake batter” is very sweet. Either it’s sweet flavor toned down with UU, or UU jazzed up with flavor. :slight_smile:

I know Huel has caution note about UU because it is dull/bland and many people prefer higher sweetness. I suspect this is to deter first time consumers from thinking the best approach is to choose “basic” because they can’t decide from all the flavor options then being disappointed by only a texture with no flavor/sweetness. If you expect to add fruit, you’ll be controlling both flavor and sweetness so UU probably will not disappoint