Vanilla vs. Unflavored/Unsweetened?

While the difference seems rather obvious from their names, we still have people ask us the difference between our two flavors of Huel - Vanilla and Unflavored/Unsweetened.

Here is a little about each flavor to help you decide when placing your order.

Huel currently comes in two flavors: Vanilla, and Unflavored/Unsweetened. The Vanilla has an oaty flavor with vanilla notes, and tastes great on its own. However, remains deliberately neutral so that it also mixes well with fruit, greens, or even as a mix in pancakes, muffins, or other baked favorites. The Unflavored/Unsweetened is true to its name, with an oaty taste minus any vanilla notes. If you don’t want any added flavor, or want a totally unflavored canvas for recipes, then Unflavored/Unsweetened may be fore you.

Still can’t decide? Not to worry! You can order a bag of each and try for yourself, then adjust future orders for your perfect mix.

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I bought two packets of the vanilla based on reading that the unsweetened had a chalky taste. I should have bought one of each to try them out. To me the sweetener tastes artificial and leaves an after taste. I will continue with the vanilla but my next order will definitely be for the unsweetened. If you find you do not like the vanilla after buying it you can improve the taste by adding strawberries. My husband also really disliked the sweetened flavor but is looking forward to trying the unsweetened version.


U/U is very earthy. I can’t manage it. If the sweeter is too much in Vanilla but U/U is too hardcore on it’s own mixing up half an half is a good solution.


That’s really helpful, thank you. I’ll try adding berries to mine. I’m struggling with the flavour and have just bought 2 bags of unflavored to dilute the taste.

I prefer the unflavored then add fruit, honey or maple syrup for a sweetener. Can’t take the taste of sucralose which is in the vanilla.

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I tryed both. The Sucralose Sweetener tastes to bad. Unsweetened was more tasty. Just added a little Coconut Sugar or one of the Huel Stevia Sweeteners.

I managed to mix 1 cup vanilla and 2 cups unswetened. This mix is ok. But wouldnt ever buy the vanilla again.

Is there a way to change one’s subscription without cancelling it and restarting it, or is that the easiest way? It lists a quantity of “1” for the 2 bags of each that I initially ordered and I can’t find a good place to change that.

I am among those who found that the artificial sweetener literally left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Hey @DugganSC,

Yes! There is way to change existing subscription meal variety but you will need to contact Huel customer support to make the change.


Just tried U/U for the first time. It’s fine. Better than the berry flavour, but not as good as the vanilla or chocolate.