Huel Black healthier non-flavored version

Love Huel Black!

Will there be a simpler healthier non-flavored version in the future?
I don’t need any artificial flavors etc.

Thank you,

Hey Michael, love that you’re a fan of Huel Black!

There’s no artificial flavours in any of our latest Huel powders. We will look into offering an unflavored and unsweetened version like we offer for our core powders though.


I would also be interested in an unflavored and unsweetened version of Huel Black.
My initial taste test of the vanilla finds it too sweet for me. I’ll keep trying and see how it goes.

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That’s great! I just ordered Huel Black and continue to sing Huel praises as an excellent meal replacement program.

Please consider an unflavored/unsweetened version of Huel Black. All the vanilla versions are too sweet for my palette, and I like to combine a single scoop of vanilla with a single scoop of unsweetened to cut the intensity of the sweetness. I’d like this option in Black as well. Thanks for considering.