New to Huel looking for advice

I recived my first package today of both uu and ov huel. So far I have tried the ov and it is far too sweet for me, so I am looking for some tips. I would like to try coffee but I am open to suggestions on how you find it works best along with any other ideas. I defiently prefer bitter tastes over sweet. So far tho it seems like I will be able to use it but I will probably stick with the unsweetend huel.

I make mine with coffee and cinnamon. When I’m almost finished drinking it I brew another cup of coffee in the bottle and shake it up to get the little bits off the sides off the bottle. I started off with the vanilla but moved to uu and prefer it.

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Yep. The cinnamon might help blunt the sweetness of the vanilla Huel.

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Mix the vanilla with the u/u… Either half and half or 2/3 to 1/3…whatever suits, your tastes. That cuts the sweetness nicely.

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Are you able to use a blender? A bit of frozen fruit will add subtle sweetness and flavor. I go much further with the add-ons, but I think that’s a good start. Frozen raspberries are great (about 1/2 cup).

I have a blender but its not the best, I am planning on giving fruit a try tho. Thanks for the tips.

Since you said you prefer bitter over sweet, I’d recommend trying cacao/cocoa with the unflavored Huel. I fill the shaker to 400 ml with water, add three ice cubes, add 400-600 calories of Huel, add 1 teaspoon creatine monohydrate (optional), add 2 tablespoons of cacao, and fill it the rest of the way with water.

The cacao is more bitter than sweet, and if you get cacao that is natural (not dutched or processed with alkali), it is even healthier than not using cacao since the cacao is high in antioxidants. The cacao mixes very easily and evenly with the Huel, too. It’s such a perfect combination. Here’s what I’ve been using–

I can highly recommend mixing the vanilla with the unflavored version too! I used to use 2 scoops vanilla to 1 scoop unflavored. Cuts down on the sweetness nicely!

The above mentioned coffee, cinnamon, and mixing up/ov are all good ideas that I’ve tried!

I’ll add Allspice, Clove, or Cardamom sometimes too.