My first impression of Huel

I discovered Huel from a Facebook advertisement. It seemed to be just what I was looking for. Good thing it’s vegan because otherwise I would not have bothered. I ordered 4 bags; 2 unflavored and 2 vanilla. I got my Huel yesterday. I tried the vanilla first. I liked it, but I don’t like the after taste. Fake sweeteners are not my thing, I guess. I tried the no flavor and I like it much better. I am going to mix the vanilla in with the unflavored to get rid of it.

Do the other flavors, like chocolate, have that fake sweetener in them as well? Because if they do , then I’ll just continue to buy the unflavored. I love the convenience and I look forward to taking it to work instead of having to pack a lunch.

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The flavor additives should not have any sweeteners. Here’s the ingredients.

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I’ll add that, unless the chocolate has changed a bit, I was not particularly impressed with it. I got far more flavor from regular cocoa powder. Just my 2¢

Thanks for sharing. I like mixing unflavored and vanilla–keeps its at a “mild sweet”. The flavor boosts do not have any sweeteners in them. I recommend the cappuccino or the banana!