Original Vanilla fan, sorry to see it go

Sorry to hear that the original vanilla is going to end. The new vanilla is…drinkable…I guess. It just tastes extremely bland compared to the original. Will seriously consider going to just chocolate when the original stock runs out.

To be honest, the taste of original is what brought me to Huel from Soylent. Soylent is like wall paper paste in comparison. Sadly, the new vanilla is a step towards Soylent flavor for me. Not a good thing, yet I guess I am in the minority on that.


I’m sorry to hear that Tim. It sounds like you like things on the sweeter side. Have you tried experimenting a bit with some additions to get the flavor working for you?

It appears that Huel now have a vanilla flavor booster. I am wondering if that is designed to go with the Unsweetened Huel and replicate the original vanilla flavoring… or at least allow each person to titrate it to their liking.

@Huel Are these vanilla flavour boosts designed to taste like original vanilla or new vanilla?
Thanks in advance for your response.