What benefits have you noticed from using Huel?

I have noticed many benefits since I began using Huel. The first thing I noticed each day I felt better and had more energy which I guess is from consuming more protein and less carbs. I also noticed right away I was hungry less and able to make better meal choices. I don’t hardly snack anymore and if I do I try to get a protein snack because if my body is hungry it must want more protein. I consume Huel in the morning for breakfast, then a good lunch (salad and chicken) then Huel for dinner. I sleep much better and just generally feel better. I lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks and was excited but have not lost anymore weight. I do look slimmer which I think is from having more muscle and less fat. I finally got back on the treadmill after the covid depression and I noticed my heart rate at the top end was much lower. I am anxious to have my cholesterol checked to see if it has lowered.

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One surprising benefit for me was that it allowed me to eat when I’m hungry, and only as much as I’m hungry, removing the whole “I should eat now. What do I want to eat?” self-temptation routine. It led me to realize that a lot of times I am just not hungry, and I ended in a kind of intermittent fasting - only, I didn’t know it was called that way. It was simply the rhythm that I found worked well for me.

Funnily enough, the meals I skip are the ones in which it made most sense to use Huel, so I hardly use it anymore :slight_smile:

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I can’t do IF with hypoglycemia. And, I try not to diet because diets suck, so I consider myself to be in a slight minority among other Hueligans. I usually use Huel in a pinch, like when I didn’t leave enough time for meal prep or if I have to do a meal literally on the go. It helps me study, too, because it keeps my body and brain full, whereas other study snacks, even super healthy ones like fruit and nuts, leave me hungry in an hour or two.

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thanks for the awesome information.

Glad you have seen benefits in your Huel journey! I personally get the same energy kick as you do💪

I’m Huel-ing a couple of meals a day, and have noticed that I’m sleeping better and am getting around better. I don’t have nearly the same cravings for the “bad for me” foods, and when they do crop up, a little Huel fills the void. Loving it!