Update on my experience

I’m well into my second order of Huel and have found out a few things that I didn’t expect. I envisioned this more of a meal replacement towards weight loss than anything but I’m finding it’s not. Huel is conventional food replacement, period. And conventional food is becoming soemthing different to me.

  1. I notice the sugar, salt, etc., now in regular food much more and it’s distastful. I also notice how a lot of the food I used to eat is low quality…“icky”. I had become accustomed to a lot of crap that was offered as quality stuff.
  2. A full three scoops in 15-20 oz has become quite a meal, it’s very filling. And it keeps me filled and satiated for a long time. I use three scoops for breakfast and sometimes don’t feel like eating till later in the afternoon. Then I only use two scoops. Later in the evening it’s veggies, lean chicken/turkey, and I’m good.
  3. This routine keeps my energy level, I don’t get comatose after lunch at work like I used to and I feel great. We used to hit the restaurants on the weekends and have great meals but they were loaded with fats and carbs, etc., and now we find we’d rather save the money and stay healthy.
  4. Not sure I could do three scoops three times a day; seems like that would be too much, I’d be force feeding myself.
  5. While I haven’t been losing much weight, I have lost some. What I have noticed is I’m gaining strength and endurance in my workouts quicker than before. I don’t feel much lighter, but I do feel more solid.
  6. Huel has become important to my wife. With Diabetes type 2 blood sugar control has been a problem. Huel has pretty much fixed that due to it’s balance of nutrition, protein, and low glycemic index.
    While all this is subjective and anecdotal, I’ve been involved with nutrition and exercise my whole life and know my body pretty well so changes I feel are pretty much that.
    Anyway, planning on Huel being an important part of my life from now on.

This is so amazing, William! :raised_hands: Thank you for updating us!

I agree, I now look at other (regular) foods differently. While I shake up my Huel I am some times offered pancakes, or this, or that… And I just think: mostly empty carbs!

I really enjoy Huel. Knowing that it is complete nutrition (so, to me, it’s perfect. Nutritionally speaking) I am getting better and better at making good food choices throughout each day because I compare the two. “Should I have this, or have another nutritionally complete meal?” Huel almost always wins out.

Except for ice cream. …I love ice cream.


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with some ice cream every once in awhile, right? :slight_smile:

We’re so happy you’re loving Huel!