Weight Loss & Surprise Health Benefits

I’ve been using Huel consistently (1-2/day) for about 4 months. I began using it to aid in weight loss, but have since noticed other great health benefits! My nails are longer/stronger, my body is much more toned and muscular, and I’m not constantly hungry anymore! I usually have a vanilla Huel shake for breakfast and/or lunch, especially after a morning run or workout. So far I’ve lost about 9lbs, and will likely incorporate at least 1 shake/day even after reaching my weight loss goal!


Have you noticed any difference in your sleep or dreams? For some reason, after starting huel and incorporating more fruits/vegetables into my diet, my dreams are more vivid and have actual plots that I can remember throughout the day. Curious if anyone else has experienced this and would love any theories as to why this changed/if it’s even related.

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Nice! I’m curious what the rest of your day consists of, food-wise that is. If you are willing to share.

I’m going full 100% Huel, well, 97ish% in hopes of a miraculous fat-loss story to tell one day in the near future.

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I haven’t noticed a difference, my dreams have always been pretty vivid! However, I have heard that people who take Magnesium to help sleep report vivid dreams (my husband included!) I see that Huel contains 90mg of Magnesium. Perhaps this could be the culprit?

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I should mention that I am also counting my calories. Since they are somewhat limited, I find myself choosing nutrient dense foods, rather than wasting calories on junk food. I eat lots of fruits & veggies, salmon, shrimp, beef, avocados, hummus, oatmeal, whole grains…the good stuff :wink:

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That sounds excellent. Has this always been the case for you or is it a change from a less healthy diet & lifestyle?

Oh, and since u mentioned it, why’re you counting calories? Are you also counting calories burned to see how that correlates to number of lost lbs.?

I am counting calories not only to help with weight loss, but also to make sure I am consuming enough calories to support my active lifestyle/workout recovery. I run 2-3 times/week, and incorporate strength and yoga several times a week (as well as hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.)

While I have always eaten mostly healthy, I have issues with portioning (and the occasional indulgences). I have found that choosing the more nutrient dense foods, and incorporating Huel helps me feel fuller, and not need to consume so many extra calories as I did before.

I’ve been using the MyFitnessPal app to log my calories, both consumed and expended. I have found this incredibly helpful in my journey :slight_smile:

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I’ve dropped about 100 lbs eating Huel twice a day since January 2019, good luck!


Before Huel, i would dream every so often, or if I did I wouldnt remember.
I dream on a daily basis almost, I wonder what ingredient contributes to this?

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That’s absolutely amazing! Did you do replace two meals per day? What was your method with Huel?

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2 Huel meals per day, intermittent fasting, keep calories under 2k for at least 5 days/week, switched to a plant based diet and cut out the booze almost entirely. Not to mention resistance band training and getting in at least 10k steps/day.

That about sums it up :slight_smile:

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