Weight loss. What is your story?

Hi, I’m new to Huel and I was just wondering what type of positive effects has it had on people who are trying to lose weight, as I am trying to do the same. Please share your stories with me for motivation and support. Thank you! P.S currently on day 3.

Hi Dj,
I’ll be interested to hear these stories as well - for me, trying to use Huel for consecutive meals in a row ends up having my daily calories come out higher than if I’m only using it for say breakfast. Personally, not trying to lose weight (but not looking to gain either) so I went with an order of bars for this month to see if they stick with me a little longer.

If I can offer any (unsolicited) advice it would be focus on small habits you can change that you can live with and build on that. If you’re making positive changes, the scale is going to move without you even trying!

All the best on your journey pal!


Hey guys,
I would definitely say to check out the weight loss category at the top left corner of the forum! This way you can see all of the people who are talking about their weight loss journeys with Huel! Here is a link to it: Weight loss - Huel

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Hi DJ,

I have been on Huel for 3 months a second time. The first time I lost 50 pounds over a year ago just from using Huel shakes. I got tired of drinking them even though it was working. Now I have lost 75 pounds and been using the Hot and Savory Spicy Indian Curry flavor. I am going to switch to the new Black bag shakes once the weather turns warmer. I have been using the bars for a breakfast or mid-day snack (between lunch and dinner) and I eat a normal dinner. To keep my body guessing I have 2 days a week were I have a normal lunch and dinner instead of using Huel.

Hope this motivates you and helps you out as well. I went from over 500 lbs to currently 425 lbs.



Remarkable story and very impressive!


love the story! very motivational. keep em’ coming.

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I can’t say enough about Huel.
I use the Hot and Savory as an excellent lunch on a cold afternoon. The Spicy Indian Curry is my favorite and makes me sweat. Working out, I know every drop of sweat counts. I love it when I make my fat cry. The Huel Peanut butter Black is my go-to shake in the morning before I hit the gym, giving me enough energy to produce even more sweat. I have been working my body hard. To date, 33 lbs lighter and going.
Huel is a compliment to the lifestyle change I have implemented. Environmentally, I wanted to switch to a friendly plant (planet) loving diet and less meat while improving nutrients and protein. A complex challenge if I was cooking on my own. Huel solves this. I keep track of calories to help reprogram my brain. Huel makes math easy. With Huel, you know exactly the number you consume.
My parents said, “you eat the same thing every day,” yet they realized that morning egg or toast becomes repetitive and is cholesterol building when they started keeping track. I love to cook, and I look forward to the meal where I pour my heart and soul into my creation and take the time to enjoy.

Thank you Huel

2-scoops Peanutbutter Black +1 banana +H2O blend

  • I don’t know what it is about Peanut butter with me :laughing:

LUNCH (HOT and Savory)

  • I like them all-Easy with an electric kettle.
  • Suggestion: I purchased a couple of the soup containers and liked the fact they are Dishwasher top rack safe. Keeping it simple.

Bars: Excellent source in a pinch.
Premade drinks: Good; however, I still like making mine. I might try chocolate-black instead of my peanut butter someday.

Unflavored Black- this great, and I switch this using 1 scoop and 1 peanut butter in A.M.

  • Be careful and read reviews. I use this with fruit, but, also, I’m not too fond of sweet things.
    I caught a glance at someone’s cart at the grocery store yesterday. They must have had 6-7 frozen meals. Many of them are the same. Huel offers variety BEYOND this. The shake combinations are endless alone.I think I will stick with Huel

Wow!! I’m super impressed.

Update Still love the HUELbut due to PB shortage on Black made me switch but like the Chocolate :slight_smile: down now 58 since I started still chugging along. Still craving the Peanutbutter.

I started Huel Black at the end of May, so I am about a month and a half in. I do shakes for breakfast and lunch, with traditional food for dinner. My breakfast shake is usually mixed with a combination of cold brew concentrate, almond milk, water and frozen fruit. Lunch is the same minus the cold brew. I work out about 4 days a week a mix of cardio and weights. Since I started I am down about 12lbs total. It probably could be more but there have been a few instances like work travel where I don’t take the shakes with me (I have to have mine blended - can’t do the shaking method). Overall I am very pleased with the results thus far. Just a few more lbs and I will be below 200lbs for the first time in about 4-5 years. Overall I feel great - more energy for sure.


I had to stop using H&S by itself as lunch because I was unintentionally losing weight. I really just wanted a fairly inexpensive tasty quick lunch alternative. Down 10 lbs way too fast. So I started using H&S as base of meal with addition of half a yam, some raw cheese (very small amount) and some bits of plain chicken if I had some extra. There’s something about H&S Huel that really excited my metabolism. May not be that way forever. But was this way during my first month.

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Hey @B-Hueler! Welcome to the US Huel forum :slight_smile:

You can certainly use it as a base or an addition to your meal - that sounds great!

One thing to consider is that the serving size you use when you have Hot and Savory alone may not be enough energy! You may have to add some additional scoops to be more suitable for you.

How many scoops do you use when you have Hot and Savory alone and how many scoops do you use when you have it as a base?

This was my Facebook post yesterday:

As of this morning I hit my goal weight. Which means I’ve lost a total of 72 pounds. Here’s my story (it’s boring so stop reading now, but if you’re interested):

In April of 2019 I had hi my maximum weight of 251 pounds. For me, that’s a lot. I decided to try a new diet and was very skeptical because it’s based on these meal replacement drinks and those don’t work for me. Color me surprised when it did.

So I started drinking these Huel shakes during the day and then have a reasonable dinner. So really watching the calorie intake. The Huel drinks are 400 calories each. By the end of the year I’d lost 52 pounds.

Then COVID hit, hard. I got bored and started baking. I love to bake and it started to show. By June of 2021 I’d packed back on 35 pounds. ARRGH!!

So I hit the Huel bottle again, but this time I set an aggressive goal of losing 3 pound a week. It wasn’t easy but I managed to take off the 35 plus another 10 and then decided to go for another 10 bringing my 2021 weight loss to 55 pounds. What, that’s a total of 72 pounds lost. That 28.7% of my total body weight.

I weigh less now than I did in High School (that would be 384 years ago). I’m happy, and kinda shocked.

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You’re good fun Mr Marine 13… I enjoyed your Post and the Peanut Butter comment to follow it up… :laughing:

Hello B-Hueler… :wave:t2:

May I ask out of interest… just HOW QUICKLY did you lose the 10lbs please?
Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face: xx

Remembering back… the weight loss probably happened within a month. I was already fairly slim and don’t weigh myself often. I went to a doctor because I actually thought something was wrong. Nope, everything is fine. Only major change was swapping out my lunch for the huel hot and savory meal. I do have a concern that while I did see fat loss, I believe I was losing muscle as well. I am obviously not a doctor/scientist, but so many articles out there tell me that not all sources of protein are absorbed equally. I am not putting down plant protein, but just saying that I probably needed more given my level of activity.

2 scoops in both cases. I quickly started to supplement with yams, leftover chicken, raw cheese on top of the 2 scoops.

I believe I lost my first 10 pounds in under two weeks and this was having RTD for breakfast and lunch when I first started. I ultimately switched to black and it really catapulted my weight loss. All in all, I lost over 100 pounds and was able to keep them off.

Just got back on black in hopes of losing a bit more, looking forward to hitting my new weight loss goals.