Almost 2 months using Huel, my experience

Just some random thoughts about what’s working and not working for me. Hopefully it helps someone. I definitely recommend Huel and usually have no problem drinking it daily.

-my main goal is to lose weight. I’m type 2 diabetic and need to lose weight and eat better. I only do minor exercise right now (dog walking and physical therapy 3 days a week). It’s definitely working for weight loss. I’ve dropped about 19 lbs in the past couple months.

-a full size serving of Huel is too much for me. Luckily, you can easily adjust to the portion size you want. I consume it in 300 calorie portion sizes 3-4 times a day. I am not hungry at all as long as I consume it in smaller portions more frequently.

-at dinner time, I go for regular old solid food. I also have a snack at night. I like to be able to mix both and feel like I would get burned out if it was Huel only 24/7.

-so far, I have not gotten tired of it or felt like I just had to go buy lunch because I can’t drink Huel. I just drink the vanilla flavor and have not tried any recipes. I like to add a couple ice cubes and consume it pretty quickly.

-recently I went on new medication and I believe it’s actually changed the way that Huel tastes for me. It’s not bad, just different. This can happen with anything though.

-at first I thought I would have to blend it to be palatable. I’ve actually learned that I can usually shake it well enough that I don’t need to take the extra blending step. Makes it much more convenient and leaves less to clean by just shaking repeatedly. If it sits for just a couple minutes I shake it up again before taking a drink.

That’s just the main things I thought I would share. This is probably TMI but I’ve heard other people talk about it too - my gas is terrible. Hopefully this remedies itself over time or maybe this is how it’s gonna be now. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. I acknowledge this could also be an effect of all the new medications I’ve been put on.

Overall, definitely worth trying Huel out to see if it’s right for you. As a type 2 diabetic I seem to be ok with those smaller portions more frequently. I was shocked that I didn’t feel hungry after drinking it - and I’m an overweight guy that used to eat a lot of junk food.


Just wanted to say congrats on the weight loss. Being committed for 2 months is a wonderful lifestyle change. Thank you for sharing.


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Thank you Troy - I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for 2 months, my 3rd shipment is on it’s way now. It’s cool to see how much weight I’ve lost by following the 3-4 smaller shakes a day plan. People use the word “diet” for things but what I am going for is an actual lifestyle change. Huel has made it really easy to adjust to a new lifestyle. The next step for me is incorporating more exercise and I plan to get a trainer once I’m done with physical therapy. I’m 35 but felt like I was 100 years old and I can’t live like that anymore!


You’ve got a plan and I’m sure you’ll be successful. Time to make 2018 your best year yet.
Great idea to get a trainer. Smart way to workout while avoiding the setback of injury from doing something your body might not be ready for. Keep us posted!


Congrats on making it 2 months! I used to be a personal trainer and know all to well about the struggles people go through when starting a lifestyle change. Making it to 2 months is a huge accomplishment. I would definitely recommend trying different recipes. Blend it with fruit, unsweetened cocoa powder, whatever you think could help. It could very well make it a whole new experience for you and keep you committed. As for the gas, one major reason is probably the HUGE increase in fiber you are adding to your diet from what you may have previously been eating. This can and usually will cause some increased flatulence. I’m dealing with it as well though I’ve only been using Huel for a few days now. I can’t say for sure if it will subside anytime soon but you may also look at food combinations you are eating as well that could be making it worse. Anyway, keep up the progress.

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Way. To. Go. Kalvin!!! :tada::tada::tada: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. We’re all rooting for you! Keep us updated on your progress. :muscle:

In regards to the gas you’ve been experiencing, Huel is higher in fiber than most food we typically eat. Because Huel is high in fiber sometimes this can lead to gas. Generally this settles once the gut gets used to the dietary change, but in your case, it sounds like there might be an interaction with your new medication causing this as well. Let us know if this issue persists.

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Thank you everyone! When I signed up I ordered an XL shirt and it’s already getting really baggy on me. I will probably eventually try some recipes but right now I seem to be content with drinking the vanilla flavor with ice.


Hey @kalvinchris!

I’m happy Huel is making a difference in your life! We have some awesome Winter recipes coming out soon! Keep an eye out on our Instagram



Sothan: it is definitely making a difference! I follow you all on instagram too. I’ll try some recipes eventually!

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16 days in and 4 pounds down.
Can’t wait till the holidays are over so I can cut down on social eating. Thanksgiving down, and the leftovers. Time to clear the Christmas and New Year’s Day meals.


Tjf1276: way to go! it’s crazy how well it really works if you use it to try and lose weight. We actually had Thanksgiving alone this year so we could be less stressed so we had portions and then no leftovers. I do have days like maybe once week where I ditch the Huel entirely and do social eating for a day. But I pick back up on the Huel the next day and eat my first 3 meals of the day that way. I noticed now that if I go to an event often and there is always cake or donuts or pizza, I just take my Huel with me and drink it right before. Then I’m not hungry or tempted to eat junk food. Though junk food is fun if its rarely and in moderation :slight_smile:


Awesome thread. Stoked to hear your progress Kalv. I had a radical change in my diet earlier this year and with proper diet/exercise I was able to drop 30lbs of fat and add 30lbs of muscle. The radical change in my diet was awesome - I was eating healthier than I ever had before, but meal prep was taking an insane amount of time weekly to keep up.

Since winter hit here (SoCal, so not really winter but definitely a change in seasonal patterns…) I have slowed down my workout regimen and dialed my meal prep efforts back. Lost a bit of definition and a TON of motivation!

To get things on track for the new year I’ve ordered a full month’s supply of Huel. Seeing your story gives me faith that I’ll see success with this supplementation strategy.

Also, when I turned up the heat on my fiber intake earlier this year(came from a well rounded diet) I definitely had a lot more gas as well :smile::fire:

Just a matter of your body adjusting to the additional proper fuel. Fiber likely plays a major role in your recent weight loss/appetite control.

Best of luck in 2018!


Try Beano (alpha galactosodase) prior to each Huel intake. It rid me of gas in three days, and I was suffering for 3 weeks prior!