Is Huel helping you control snacking?

I’m only a week in, and I already feel like my snack cravings are dropping off. I was just in Whole Foods this morning before breakfast, and I was hungry. Now, I know the rule of, “Never go to the grocery store hungry,” very well, but I was planning to get breakfast off the hot bar. And Whole Foods is a terrible place to wander around while hungry. But I have never felt less distracted by all the yummy snacky things that can “accidentally” fall into your basket.

It reminded me of the 6 weeks I spent on Topamax for migraines years ago. Topamax is a terrible drug with tons of negative side effects, but its one good side effect was that I was totally indifferent to junk food and could eat healthy meals without wanting anything else. I feel almost like that now on Huel. (And I’m still only replacing 1 meal per day so far.)

Your experiences?


My experience is similar. I wouldn’t say that I NEVER crave junk, but it’s less often and less insistent.


Same here; I snack a lot less since starting on Huel.

Yes!! I have experienced exactly the same change, and that’s why Huel has been so great for me for weight loss. I don’t know if “satiety” is the right word for it, but I just don’t crave stuff any more. I can walk past unhealthy and past the calorie dense foods with ease after a 400 calorie does of Huel

WHY it’s opposite to me! :joy:
I feel like chewing anything crispy, and I have to buy family size Lays!

Huel is definitely throwing me for a loop! I used to enjoy snacking, but since I’ve started eating Huel (and competing products), my cravings have disappeared. Candy tastes horrible when I eat it. I just ate a cupcake at lunch today and, because I have no cravings, I can taste the real flavor— which is gross! I suppose it’s a good thing, but it still feels odd to adapt to.

It has definitely helped with snacking. I recently started using Huel. I expected to have a bloated feeling after having a shake and to have a drop off and feel hungry a few hours later. That had been my experience with other similar products.
Huel does not make me feel overly full or bloated and i seem to maintain that feeling for several hours.
So far, so good.

Haaaah this has completely been my experience as well, but I didn’t understand why until your explanation. “I can taste the real flavor”

My whole life, I have said that I don’t have a palate and can’t tell between a $5 food item (steak) or a $60 food item (fancy steak). Maybe now I can with Huel!