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Just placed first order. This could be a lifesaver. I have been blending foods and utilizing protein powders/liquid vitamins as I have just had a feeding tube placed. Can’t seem to get enough calories. Is there anyone out there using Huel in this way? (Hope not, lol) but if so–any problems with the size of flax seeds?


Hi Jan, thank you for choosing Huel! We’re happy to have you join our community of Huelers! :muscle::blush: Here’s a little info on using Huel with a feeding tube:

If there are no contraindications for using Huel relating to the medical condition, Huel can be administered through a nasogastric (NG) or PEG tube via the bolus / syringe method of administration. Due to Huel’s ingredients and nutritional profile, it can be a great way of helping to curb hunger. As Huel has the ground flaxseed particles, please follow these essential points to prevent the tube from blocking:

  • Flush the tube with at least 50ml of water before AND immediately after administering the Huel boluses.
  • Blend Huel well with plenty of water: 100g Huel in 500ml water.
  • Maintain good tube care as you would for any feed as per the instructions from your clinical staff.


Thanks Teresa!

I saw flax seed and did not know that they were ground–should be five. Crossing my fingers on the shipping for the trip. Have a great day!!!


Hey! Just made my first purchase and I was curious how to track my payments and bill cycle?


Hi Dewfasa! Sorry for my delayed response. The best way to track your subscription is by making an account on Huel.com. Here is how to create an account: Go to https://huel.com/account/register using the same email as your previous purchases. This will link up your past and current orders to your newly registered account.

If you need anything else, please let us know. :+1:


Just got my first order today. I have been using protein shakes for years but wanted to try something different. I am back in the gym after some time off taking care of my mother. Got a question can I mixed protein powders with Huel. I am using milk instead of water


No problem. I sometimes mix a scoop of ON French Vanilla with mine. Tastes good with either Vanilla or U/U. :smiley:


Thanks I will probably mixed some with mine